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Expert Polygraph Examiners

We Have Provided Testing For:

  • US Marshals, Mass. Dept. of Correction
  • Boston Police Department Internal Affairs
  • Middlesex County District Attorney's Office
  • Watertown P.D.
  • Chelsea P.D.
  • Hanson P.D.,
  • Framingham P.D
  • MA State Police
  • CPCS (Committee For Public Counsel Services)
  • Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
  • Extensive number of private parties and law firms

Polygraph Testing in Quincy, MA

Since 1981, Truth Detection Laboratories has provided polygraph testing for law enforcement agencies, private parties and law firms. TDL welcomes your questions concerning polygraph testing and its potential use as an investigative tool. Call us for a confidential, no-obligation consultation to help you decide whether polygraph testing is an appropriate solution to your particular situation. For over 70 years, polygraph testing has been used by law enforcement entities and government agencies as an investigation tool.

"The most valuable aspect of polygraph testing is its ability to help exonerate the innocent person who is surrounded by circumstantial evidence."


We Can Help With:

Criminal Testing - Lie Detection Services in Quincy, MA
  • Verifying Statements of Victims
  • Establishing the Credibility of a Witnesses
  • Evaluating the Truthfulness of a Statement
Lie Detection - Lie Detection Services in Quincy, MA
  • Corporate Testing
  • Private Testing
  • Forensic Testing
Sex Abuse - Lie Detection Services in Quincy, MA
  • Criminal Testing
  • Sex Abuse
  • Divorce and Family Issues
American Polygraph Association
National Polygraph Association